How Do I Set Up 谷歌分析4 On My 网站?

谷歌分析4 is the latest analytics reporting tool from the media giant that will soon phase out Universal Analytics, the current version that most website owners are used to using. While many features of 谷歌分析4 are very similar to those on Universal Analytics like the ability to track traffic, 用户, 转换, 位置, 和会话持续时间, 也有 新的关键特性 that you can use to optimize your website. It’s crucial that you set up the new version of 谷歌分析 before the old version is completely phased out so that you don’t miss a beat when it comes to tracking the analytics of your website. 在本指南, we’ll go over how you can set up your 谷歌分析4 property, assuming you already have Universal Analytics running on your website.


Setting up your new 谷歌分析4 property is about as simple as you could hope for. All you’ll need to get it done is access to 谷歌分析 and 谷歌标签管理器, you won’t even need to log into the back end of your website! Follow the steps below to set up a 谷歌分析4 property for your website!


The first step to set up your new 谷歌分析4 property is to login to your existing Universal Analytics account. You can use this link to login to the 谷歌 account with access to your website’s 谷歌分析 account. Once logged in, click the “Admin” button on the bottom left of your screen. 下一个, click the “GA4 Setup Assistant” button within the Property Setting column. 现在, click “开始” under “I want to create a new 谷歌分析4 property” and then click “Create Property”. The next step is to click the blue “See Your GA4 Property” button, then a new tab will open. On the new tab that was opened, click “Tag Installation” in the center of your screen within the Collection menu. This will bring you to another screen that says “Data Streams” at the top. Click the “Web” tab, then select your property (it will likely be the only option there). “Web Stream Details” will come up, and you just need to copy the Measurement ID at the top right of your screen. 巴黎人贵宾会官方已经完成一半了! 现在 open your 谷歌标签管理器 account in another tab!


Once you have your Measurement ID copied from 谷歌分析, login to your 谷歌标签管理器 account. Once logged in, click your website’s link under “Container 的名字”. You’ll now be accessing your website’s 谷歌标签管理器 account. Click on the “Tags” tab on the left side of your screen, then click “New” near the top right. 下一个, title your new tag on the top left of your screen with something like “GA4” or “谷歌分析4”. 现在, click anywhere within the “Tag Configuration” block, and select “谷歌分析: GA4 Configuration” from the menu that pops up. 下一个, paste your Measurement ID from earlier in the appropriate space below the “谷歌分析: GA4 Configuration” that you just selected. 现在 click anywhere within the “Triggering” box that you can find underneath the “Tag Configuration” box. Select “All Pages”, then click save near the top right corner of your screen. 最后, click “Submit” in the top right of your screen, make the version name something like “Added 谷歌分析4”, and click the big blue “Publish” button. Once all these steps are complete, you’ve successfully created a 谷歌分析4 property for your website!

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